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Record Breaking January at Synergy Recruitment!

2020 has started off pretty well for us. Record breaking, in fact! January can often be a slow month in recruitment. There are always lots of candidates looking for new beginnings, but it sometimes takes businesses a month or so to recover from Christmas and get back to full steam. There has been no sign […]

The Problem with Recruitment Agencies: Interview No-Shows

In the second in our ‘Common Grumbles’ series, we tackle one of the most frequent complaints we hear when it comes to recruiting through an agency; Interview no-shows. Here at Synergy we know first hand how utterly frustrating it is to have a candidate go AWOL when it comes to interview stage. Therefore, we use […]

The Problem with Recruitment Agencies: Irrelevant CVs

Having worked in recruitment for a long time, we know that there are both good and bad agencies out there. When we started Synergy, we knew we wanted to be one of the good ones – that much was clear! In order to do this (and do it right) we looked at some of the […]

Synergy Recruitment are Start Up Business of the Year 2019!

We’ve only gone and won an award!! When we first started this crazy journey, the thought of awards couldn’t have been further from our minds. We were too worried about getting everything up and running properly. We were fully focused on starting an agency who did things differently. Our dream was to make the recruitment […]

How to Interview: Our Top Tips

If you’re a candidate preparing for an interview, there is a lot of helpful information available with tips on how to prepare. We even offered our advice in a blog a few months back! But what if you’re the one doing the interviewing? If you are and you need some help, don’t worry – that’s […]

How to choose a recruitment agency

So you’ve decided to use a recruitment agency. But how do you choose which one is the best for your business? It’ll come as no surprise that we’re going to tell you to forget all the rest, Synergy Recruitment is the best! But surely the best recommendation comes from happy, satisfied customers? Other local businesses […]