The Problem with Recruitment Agencies: Interview No-Shows

In the second in our ‘Common Grumbles’ series, we tackle one of the most frequent complaints we hear when it comes to recruiting through an agency; Interview no-shows. Here at Synergy we know first hand how utterly frustrating it is to have a candidate go AWOL when it comes to interview stage. Therefore, we use a number of tried and tested techniques to tackle this annoying, and potentially costly issue.

And, without blowing our own trumpet too much, we think it’s working. Since we opened the Synergy doors in late 2018 we have seen just one….yes, one…no-show for interview from the 100+ interviews we’ve arranged!

Problem 2: Interview no-shows

“Recruitment agencies get some decent candidates to interview stage, but then we’re left waiting when none of them show up. It’s a complete waste of time!”

The Truth

A good recruitment consultant knows that there is no such thing as a sure thing! Even the very best candidates can suddenly change their mind, for example.

It is the consultant’s job to make sure they manage the whole process properly, from start to finish. Including, ensuring right from the get-go that they are not talking a candidate into a role they’re not interested in – as that is often what leads to minds changing! And, unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen quite as it should…

The Synergy Pledge

As much as we’d love to, we can’t promise that you’ll never have a no-show for interview. When you’re dealing with people, anything can happen!

However, what we can promise is that we’ve tested our candidates throughout the process to ensure their interest in the role and their commitment. If we don’t think they’re keen, at ANY point, we will pull them from the process. Hopefully this will mean we bare the brunt of any no-shows or mind changes, before it impacts you.

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