The Problem with Recruitment Agencies: Irrelevant CVs

Having worked in recruitment for a long time, we know that there are both good and bad agencies out there. When we started Synergy, we knew we wanted to be one of the good ones – that much was clear! In order to do this (and do it right) we looked at some of the most common grumbles about recruitment agencies and put them at the heart of our ethos.

We’ll be sharing these grumbles with you and explaining why you will never need to worry about any of them when it comes to Synergy Recruitment!

Problem 1: Irrelevant CVs

“Recruitment agencies just send over any old CVs for a job they’re working on. They don’t match them to the job description or even read them properly. They probably have some fancy software that does all the work for them.

You may as well do it yourself for all the use they are!”

The Truth

A lot of agencies have targets upon targets. They’ll be judging their consultants on how many CVs they send a day, perhaps even how many they send an hour. Because of these ridiculous targets, consultants find themselves throwing CVs at their clients, hoping that just one of them will be good enough to get an interview…

The Synergy Pledge

We don’t work like this. Not even a tiny bit. Our sole target is simple – to get the right person for your job. That only happens by us screening each candidate in detail, picking through their CV line by line.

So you might only get one or two CVs from us. But those CVs will be everything you’ve asked for and more. And the person behind that CV will be the one we truly believe is right for your business.

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