How to choose a recruitment agency

So you’ve decided to use a recruitment agency. But how do you choose which one is the best for your business? It’ll come as no surprise that we’re going to tell you to forget all the rest, Synergy Recruitment is the best! But surely the best recommendation comes from happy, satisfied customers? Other local businesses who have used our services and have been really happy with the results?

We’ve picked out a few quotes from recent testimonials, provided by local businesses who have used our recruitment services for both temporary and permanent roles. We’ll let them do the talking…

“Synergy recruitment are an absolute joy to work with and I don’t often say that about recruitment agencies!”

The key words in this quote are “work with”. We aim to work alongside you and become a true extension of your existing teams. It should be a pleasurable experience; you’re getting a new team member, which is always an exciting time. You should be able to leave all the boring, stressful bits of recruitment to us – that’s what we’re here for!

“…for the first time in a long time I actually felt an agency fee was justified for the work they put in with candidates prior to us interviewing them.”

Offering value for money is so important to us. We want our clients to feel they are getting a great deal and fantastic service every single time they pick up the phone. We promise to be upfront and honest about what we can offer and, so far, this is winning us friends across Cheshire!

“Yasmin’s energy, enthusiasm and professionalism was a breath of fresh air.”

Synergy is our baby and we can’t help but show our enthusiasm for what we do, every single time we talk about it. Our friends and families are already getting a bit sick of us and it’s not even been a year! But each time we work with a new business, they tell us how they love our genuine energy and enthusiasm. We care so much about every part of recruitment, we never stop talking about it!

“…actually listen to what employers want, carrying out full face-to-face screening of candidates before sending over CV’s.”

We know that every single candidate we send to you is representing our business. And our business is us. It’s Marie and Yasmin. It’s hours upon hours of hard work, stress, joy and tears. And so we want to only send over the very best, as we truly appreciate that your business is just as important to you.

We’d rather send one perfect candidate who we know will be the perfect fit for you, after hours of interviewing and screening, than loads that might be okay.

You can see the rest of our testimonials from both happy clients and candidates here

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