Why are people not turning up for interviews?

In our latest video we answer the question, “Why are your interviewees not turning up?” We take you through some steps to minimise your applicants not showing up for interviews.

We’re hearing more and more from our clients that they’re arranging interviews and candidates are either cancelling last minute or (frustratingly!) not turning up at all. We talk you through the process we take to lower the risk of this happening to you, hopefully saving you time in the long run.


1. Always phone your job applicants before arranging an interview.

2. Sell the job opportunity/ business to the candidates to ensure you’re competing with the vacancies in other businesses.

3. Test the candidates’ commitment.

4. Keep your timeline between interviews as short as possible.

5. Call your interviewees the day before to check they’re still ok to come. Let them know you’re looking forward to seeing them!

Watch the video above to hopefully pick up more helpful tips.

Let us know if you have any questions at all, we’re always happy to help.

Thanks for watching!!