Which of These Office Personalities Are You?

Colleagues sat around a desk, discussing their 'office personalities'

Every office is a mix of diverse personalities, each one essential to the overall vibe of the workplace. So, which one are you? Let’s dive into some typical (and hilariously accurate) office personalities to find your tribe!

The Office Mum (or Dad)

Defining Traits:

  • Keeps a stash of snacks and first-aid supplies in their desk.
  • Always ready with a tissue, advice, or a hug.
  • Knows everyone’s birthday and organises the best office parties.

Catchphrase: “Did you eat lunch today? Here, have a granola bar.”

The Coffee Addict

Defining Traits:

  • Seen with a coffee cup, at all times.
  • Has a favourite coffee shop and insists on having meetings there.
  • Grumpy before the first coffee of the day.

Catchphrase: “Don’t talk to me until I’ve had my coffee.”

The Meeting Phantom

Defining Traits:

  • Always “in a meeting”.
  • Their calendar is more booked than a pop star’s tour schedule.
  • Shows up just as you’re wrapping things up.

Catchphrase: “Sorry, I’m late, I was in another meeting.”

The Snack Ninja

Defining Traits:

  • Has an endless supply of treats hidden away.
  • Appears out of nowhere with cookies.
  • Knows the exact location of every office snack stash.

Catchphrase: “I’m feeling snackish”

The Tech Guru

Defining Traits:

  • Fixes computers with a wave of their hand.
  • Talks in tech jargon that no one else understands.
  • Has a secret collection of gadgets.

Catchphrase: “Did you try turning it off and on again?”

The Office Clown

Defining Traits:

  • Always cracking jokes or pulling pranks.
  • Knows how to make everyone laugh, even on Mondays.
  • Sometimes more interested in fun than work.

Catchphrase: “Is it wine o’clock yet?”

The Over-Sharer

Defining Traits:

  • Shares every detail of their personal life.
  • Believes in the therapeutic power of a good rant.
  • Often found giving unsolicited advice.

Catchphrase: “Let me tell you what happened this weekend…”

The Fitness Fanatic

Defining Traits:

  • Always in gym clothes, even at work.
  • Talks about their latest workout or diet plan.
  • Judges your lunch choices (but tries not to).

Catchphrase: “Honestly, exercising before work really sets you up for the day!”


Every office needs a good mix of different personalities. From the office mum who supports the whole team, to the clown who makes everybody laugh – every personality type helps to make the office feel like a place you want to be, because work shouldn’t be just about “work”!

Which office personality are you? Or are you a mixture of many?

If it’s time to take your office personality to a new environment, get in touch, we can help with your job search!