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When to use temporary workers and how to maximise their value

At Synergy Recruitment, we provide excellent temporary staffing solutions to businesses for a range of reasons. Temporary staff can resolve a variety of issues including difficulties in hiring permanently and seasonal increases in demand. We know how hard it can be for businesses, with specific staffing issues that you just don’t know how to solve. But don’t worry! We’re here to help and to talk you through the wide range of problems that could be solved with temporary staff.

Our experts have drafted up a list of examples where temporary workers could benefit your business, and how you can maximise their value, through hiring in the right instances.

When to use temporary staff

Maternity cover

One of the most common examples of temporary support is maternity cover. You know that there are set dates that you have to cover, and a fixed role with specific tasks that you require for that period. You can find temporary cover for the role with Synergy Recruitment as early in the process as necessary; our team will work to find the perfect match for your needs as soon as possible.

Covering responsibilities while you hire permanently

One example of utilising temporary workers which often goes unused is to cover responsibilities during a permanent hiring process. Temps can be a fantastic way to relieve the pressure on your current team whilst you are recruiting on a permanent basis. They can be great for supporting the lower-level admin tasks that take up a lot of your team’s time. This will free up your permanent staff to deal with the higher-level responsibilities that they’ve been trained to do.

Seasonal work

If you know that your business gets busier at certain times of the year – such as an accounting department that needs all hands on deck during end-of-year accounts – temporary staff can be a great solution. You can hire the staff that you need during the periods that you’re busy – without having to pay employees throughout the intervals when the work isn’t there.

Designing new workflows

Temporary staff can be high-level problem solvers as well. If you’re looking to change the way that your business runs by designing new workflows, or implementing new processes, hiring someone with advanced knowledge of the way to do just that could be a great help for your organisation.

The benefits of temporary workers

Shorter hiring process

Traditionally, when you’re hiring temporary staff, the processes are a lot shorter; you aren’t necessarily looking for the perfect, long-term cultural fit, you’re solving a short-term issue. A shorter hiring period gives you the ability to resolve staffing issues quickly, whatever that might mean for your business.


Temporary staff offer you greater flexibility for adapting to situations. There is no notice period for a temporary worker, so you are able to hire them only for as long as you need them, whether that be a few days, weeks or months.

Don’t forget, that labour-elasticity isn’t just limited to solving short-term issues; if you find an excellent culture fit in temporary staff, you might want to bring them on permanently.

Short-term knowledge

Even in higher responsibility roles, temporary hiring can bring a fresh pair of eyes into your business, to help solve problems with their technical knowledge and experience. Bringing someone in to solve an issue or to implement new processes can be an excellent way to take your business to the next level, without having to hire permanently.

Highly skilled problem solving

To build on the above point, you should be thinking about temporary staff as a way to bring in cost-effective problem solvers to fill the skills gap that you might be experiencing. You don’t have the constraints of permanently recruiting, meaning that you can solve your issue quickly and effectively.

Find out more about hiring temporary workers to solve the problems facing your business with Synergy Recruitment.

We’re here to give you the answers that you’re looking for, and our team are always more than happy to help when it comes to providing businesses with their staffing requirements.