The formula for the perfect fit

When recruiting, it’s common to get a whole heap of applications for a role. Some traditional recruitment agencies focus on qualifications and quantity, sending over as many CVs as possible, that fit the job description. They’ll then often leave the client to sift through and choose which people may be most relevant. But is this actually the right approach?
In our opinion, a role where tonnes of people 100% fit the bill, just doesn’t exist.
To us, it’s a simple maths equation.
Typically, when recruiting, every company has a list of criteria that need to be ticked for a candidate to be right for a role. Do they have a relevant degree? How many years have they worked in the industry? Are they experienced with a specific programme? Each one of these needs or wants will narrow down your candidate pool, and in some cases, it will narrow it down fairly significantly.
Every box that is ticked removes more and more people from your initial pile of CVs. But to us, the qualifications and job spec are just the tip of the iceberg. You need to consider: your company values; the kind of attitude and personality required to fit in with your team; their motivations and their personal and professional goals for the future. EVERYTHING needs to fit because that’s how you find perfection.
So, say you started off with 200 applications. You’ve considered the job spec and ticked off all the criteria – that’s whittled it down to 20 straight away. This is where many traditional recruitment approaches draw the line. We go deeper than that. Because finding the perfect fit is about much more than matching a CV to a list of criteria on a job spec.
So, you start again with your 20 matched CVs on criteria, and you match them up further.
Who has the right personality to fit in with the team? That takes you down to 12.
Then, what are those candidates’ long-term goals? Are they looking for progression? Does our client have progression opportunities? That narrows it down to 8.
Then, where are people based? Would they do the commute or do they need to go home and walk their dog at lunchtime? That’s another few off the list.
The list goes on and on and before you know it, you’re down to 2 or 3. But, do you know what the great thing is? You can feel confident that the final shortlist for interview are people that fit every single aspect of what you’re looking for. You know that they will fit the personality and attitudes of your existing team and you know that their motivations and goals match those of your company. All of the above makes it more likely that you’ve found a candidate that will stay in the long term, and isn’t that always the ultimate goal?
So, why not leave the maths to us.
We’ll take the time to get to know your business, understanding the personalities within your team and what drives them. We make sure that every single box is ticked and we don’t stop until we find the perfect fit.
So, of those few exceptional candidates that have made the cut, all you have to do is pick one!
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