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How do we look after our mental health?

Looking after your mental health is so important, and something that has only become even more magnified with the events of the last 18 months. In this blog, Marie and Yasmin share their thoughts…
At Synergy, we’ve had a busy year to say the least. We had to manage home schooling alongside running a business (one of the biggest challenges of Marie’s life), a brand-new puppy which trust me is much harder than it sounds, moving house, uncertainty around the job market and how that would affect our still very new company. Oh yeah, and let’s not forget surviving the global pandemic! So, how can you help to reduce some of the stresses and manage your mental health in a positive and effective way?
Here are our top tips for how we look after our own mental health.
Get your body moving
Yasmin: “I took up running about a year ago during the first lockdown and its completely transformed my mental health – just getting out and going for a run completely clears my head and sets me up for a good day. I am absolutely the last person you would ever think could be a runner, but the Couch to 5K app got me started and I couldn’t recommend it highly enough. If Marie and I are feeling couped up, we like to get out for walks together on our lunch break – the canal is just near our office so heading down there helps us to clear our head and destress ready for the rest of the day’s work. No matter how little it is, just getting out in some fresh air and moving helps.”
Talk to someone
Yasmin “Marie and I do a lot of geeing each other up and pep talks when we need it. A lot of the time we’ve both been worrying about the same thing and thinking it was just us, when we talk about our worries with each other, we instantly feel better and always say – “I wish I’d talked to you about this sooner!” If you don’t have a therapist for a business partner like we do, get on a video call with your friends and a glass of prosecco. Nowadays our friendship groups are scattered here, there and everywhere but a chat or a rant is still only a video call away.”
Take some time out
Marie: “Sometimes all you need is some time to yourself. I really enjoy meditating and using the headspace app to guide me. It’s great to step back from everything and really switch off. Even if it’s only for 5 minutes a day, that’s 5 minutes that you’ll look forward to and cherish. When you’re finished, you’ll feel more relaxed and ready to face any problems with a fresh perspective.
Know that it’s normal
Yasmin “It’s important to say, we are by no means doctors and we don’t always get it right. I do all of the above but some days I do get overwhelmed still, as I think most do. It’s important that we all acknowledge the fact that nobody can be perfectly happy all of the time. On those days, I accept the way I’m feeling and do whatever brings me comfort to ride it out – usually curling up under a blanket with Netflix! I find if I do that rather than berating myself for having a bad day, I’m able to bounce back quicker.”