How to stand out when candidates have the pick of the market?

Recruiting in a competitive market can be super hard! Especially, now that job vacancies are reported to be higher than pre-pandemic levels.

Due to a mismatch between the high number of job vacancies currently available, and the shortage of candidates on the market, candidates have the pick of the bunch right now. This means it’s challenging to attract the person you really want, because you’re competing with other businesses, to find the best staff.

Get your offer right

From the outset, the job you are recruiting for needs to offer the market salary. Putting it bluntly, if the salary offered is below average, then you’re simply not going to get the best applicants! This is from both an external and internal perspective. You need to be mindful of all the roles within the business and ensure you are offering a competitive salary…the candidate shortage may mean your staff are being headhunted!

The package that you offer must be competitive, whether that’s the number of holidays given, a work from home/ hybrid working model or flexi time. Candidates have re-evaluated what is important to them following the pandemic and having a better work/life balance is a key factor. If you don’t offer this, then somewhere else will.

Share your culture

Employer branding is also becoming more and more important. Your website, the images you portray, are all vital in attracting the right candidates. People research a company prior to applying to get a feel for the culture, values, and goals and plans you have. Be the employer that someone would want to work for!

One way you could set yourself apart is by having a team page on your website and include why your team members love to work at your business – this will get candidates interested! They’ll base decisions on whether your environment is the right fit and somewhere they can see themselves working.

Involve your team

Always try to stand out amongst the crowd during your interview process. Could they speak to a member of your team? It is useful to find out how long other people have worked at the business and what they enjoy about working there.

After all, it’s not just you working out whether the candidate is right for you. They are also assessing whether your opportunity is the right fit for them, too.

… and last but definitely not least, if you find a candidate you like, ACT FAST! Make decisions quickly. If you don’t, other businesses may make offers sooner and snap them up, before you get the chance!

If you’d like help with setting your company apart when recruiting, give us a shout!