Find the right candidate – pandemic or not

It’s been a bit of a strange time recently hasn’t it? (…Is that the understatement of the year!?)

We’ve seen the job market do a complete 180°… As many of us know, unfortunately, there are a lot of candidates now looking for work, but not enough jobs on offer.

Because of that, some businesses are thinking, “Having loads of applications for a job role is a good thing, right?” and even more disturbing for us, “We don’t need a recruitment agency to help fill roles anymore.”

But to be honest, I’m here to tell you, it’s the complete opposite!

A sea of CVs

Right now, every job that’s advertised is being inundated with applications. And if you have been recruiting recently, you’ll know yourself that most of them won’t be relevant to the role. Sifting through a sea of CVs becomes a full-time job. With so many applicants you might be starting to question yourself.

“Did I miss someone? Do they have the right experience? Have I chosen the right people to interview?”

Now is when a trusted and knowledgeable recruitment partner is more vital than ever!

In our opinion, it’s not a recruiter’s job to find you lots of CVs, a job ad can do that. It’s about applying their expert skill set to find the right person for the job and for the company, saving you the time and effort. Otherwise, what are you paying them for?

Finding the ones that are truly interested

One of the main difficulties right now, is that a lot of candidates will be applying for your role, simply because they need a job. We’re here to find those candidates who are truly interested. We’ll find the ones who would’ve applied for the job, pandemic or not! Because the reality is, those are the ones you want! You don’t want the candidates who are only applying until something more suitable comes along.

We originally started Synergy because we felt that the recruitment industry was ALREADY too focused on volume of CVs vs. quality candidates.

Fast forward to now, and it’s only amplified!

I’m guessing you’re sitting there thinking, “Yeah ok, but is what you do really any different to what everyone else does?”

Short answer: “YES!”

Going beyond ticking the boxes

We genuinely get to the bottom of not just whether the candidate ticks the boxes on paper, but if their motivations, values and personality are spot on too.

We start by sifting through the sea of CVs to save you time. Meaning you can get on with what your actual job role is. But that’s just a little perk really.

Where our Synergy Recruitment Model really shines is through conducting pre-qualification interviews. We test commitment levels, motivations and enthusiasm for the role.

Why? Because, it gives you peace of mind that everyone put forward is absolutely right for the role.

All you have to do, is pick one!

Contact Yasmin by emailing for more information.

SYNERGY’S FINDING THE RIGHT CANDIDATE TOP TIP: Test motivation levels as well as whether they are the right fit. Do they 100% want the job, pandemic or not?