How to prepare for an interview

You may be an interview whizz, or you may not have had one for years – either way you need to do your preparation. The important thing is not to panic, we’re here to help! Below you will find some of our key tips on preparing for an interview.


Take the job specification apart line by line

The Job Specification is your best interview resource as it literally tells you what your potential employer is looking for!

Start by writing down relevant examples from your work history that align with the job spec.

In the interview, when you are asked to talk about what you do in your current and previous roles, you should talk specifically about duties that are relevant to the role you’re interviewing for. Don’t waste time talking about irrelevant duties!

Back everything up with an example!

It’s important in an interview to give real-world examples to back up what you’re saying. The chances are you will be asked questions related to what’s on the Job Spec so a great way to prep would be to come up with an example / scenario from your work history that relates to each of the points.

Explain what happened in the scenario, what your response was, and what the outcome was.

Having prepared examples for each of the skillsets on the spec will put you in a better position to answer whatever question you get asked.